16 years – 16 lives -free e-book about americans in Bremerhaven

On April 5th 2014, the team of June Media participated in the launch and reading of the free e-book by author Marco Butzkus “16 years – 16 lives” Americans in Bremerhaven. The author couldn’t have found a more fitting for his book premiere – Hotel Metropol – a bar and venue at the corner of the Bremerhaven redlight district at Lessingstraße. For his book project, funded solely by himself and Win ( the Wohnen in Nachbarschaften fund / initiative: http://www.bremerhaven.de/pdf/Informationsbroschuere_WIN/files/assets/basic-html/page1.html ), Butzkus connected with former u.s. servicemen, American expats as well as Germans whose lives were changed through the presence of Americans and the “american way of life.” The result is a collection of 16 stories, autobiographical accounts made available to the public as  free e-book in German and English language. It boasts 16 stories from all sorts of walks of lives that leave the reader engaged, if not speechless. Certainly, readers can relate to some of the stories and memories retold in this book, the stories are part of Bremerhaven’s recent history. At the same time, former servicemen who have lived in or visited Bremerhaven will be able to revisit some of the familiar places through some of these stories.

Singer Dean Collins  (www.deancollins.us) provided the perfect musical backdrop which set the mood for the reading of two very different stories. The first story, read in German language was about entrepreneur, John Reinhardt, owner of Brownies & Cookies, a recollection of his childhood as an american young boy who would only be able to adjust slowly to German culture and language. The second story told, read by Daniela (Dee) June of June Media, was her personal recollection of September 11 2001, a day which she spent with her immediate family aboard of an airplane and later on at a small Airport in Moncton, Canada – after the attacks had taken place and their plane had to be rerouted. Of course, these were only two of 16 stories of the book. The release of the book has been an emotional Milestone for the author, who noted that he couldn’t have done it without the Support of countless volunteers who aided him in the realization of this Project. The organization “Metropol & friends”  – which has its’ home base at Hotel Metropol  – was founded with the aim to preserve the american history and culture here in Bremerhaven and more german-american events will be scheduled in upcoming months. June Media has been fortunate and deeply humbled to have been invited to follow-up events such as this one. Congratulations to Marco Butzkus to his book release!

For your own copy of the book, please follow this link:

16 years – 16 lives – free download / German & English language


holla back!

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