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we service independent urban tracks of the genres Soul, Hip Hop, , R & B, NeoSoul and Smooth Jazz on our radio program.

Our radio program is produced for Radio Weser TV Bremerhaven, North Germany and broadcasted live on 90.7 FM as well as international stream which is heavily promoted on various websites, blogs and social media outlets.

Producer and host of “Told you To”is Daniela “Lady Dee” June who plays tomorrows leaders of the urban music industry and breaks many singles in Germany before they make it to commercial radio. The producers of the program are taste-makers of the industry, because they connect directly with the artists and talk to them in interviews.

If you are an indie urban artist who fits the format of our radio show, please do not hesitate to get in touch! Simply send your .zip presskit or photos, biography and music in high-quality .mp3 format to the following address:

junemedialab @

We ask you to contribute to the flava of the show with a radio drop, which is actually another opportunity for you to direct our listeners to your own website or let them know what you have been up to. Please note that the part of your own promotional section cannot be longer than 7 seconds. Below, you find a script to assist you in the creation of your radio drop which will be played randomly during the broadcast. Send your drop to:

junemedialab @

Drop Script below:

What’s up (any other greeting)

This is________________ from ________________. 

You are tuned in to Told You To, Radio W.E.S.E.R. 90.7 FM, Bremerhaven, North Germany.

(Saturdays at 5 pm local and 11 AM Eastern, US) with Daniela June (aka Lady DEE)
Check out my website________ / new album / at_________________________ /

_______________insert own line here if ya like __________/

Told You To!


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